Holidays Tour for SEA Games Athletes

The biggest sporting event in South East Asia, SEA Games, which this year was held in Indonesia, considered to be an effective means of promotion of tourism as well as grow the creative economy sector in the region. Director of Promotion of the Interior Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Frieda Muhammad said, sport and tourism can not be separated from one another. Both are complementary. It will make sporting event in South East Asia XXVI in two places, namely Jakarta and Palembang, was as one means of tourism promotion.

"This is because the success of the SEA Games at the same time would be an indicator of the success of our tourism promotion," he said in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/09/2011). On activities that will be present athletes, officials, and supporters from several countries in Southeast Asia and even the world to witness the SEA Games. They will also be a foreign tourist as well as potentially a return to the country. Faried also hope the event the SEA Games will foster the creative economy sector in the region, among them in terms of providing souvenirs and culinary.

"These events also bound to grow the creative economy sector even though the micro level," he said. A number of events enliven the tour as a support for the SEA Games in between Srivijaya International Expo and Art Culture and Film Week 2011 in Palembang on 11 to 13 November 2011. In addition, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta and South Sumatra also supports tourism promotion efforts through offering a tour package options for the athlete, namely Palembang City tour and four packages of Jakarta.

City government provides a choice of four city tour package free for athletes, namely the Old City tour packages, TMII, and Monah. Athletes also have the opportunity shopping in famous shopping center in Jakarta. At the SEA Games XXVI, as many as 296 branches of sport will be competed in Palembang, while Jakarta will host the 266 sport. Opening and closing ceremony of SEA Games held in Gelora Srivijaya Overbearing and around the Muse River and Fort Religious Tourism, which is one of the attractions in Kenny City.
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